cher-ie asked:
I love how your blog is so simple, original, and beautiful! The clothes you post are so amazing! You would make a great fashion designer!! :)

You’re so kind! <3 Thank you so, so much! You have a great blog too! :D

luxury-adored-deactivated201308 asked:
Your blog is such an inspiration to me! :)

Aw thank you!!! <3 I love yours too! 

sunsetsanctuary asked:
Hi doll, I adore your blog so much! So classy & clean, and all things pretty! <3 love it

Ha ha <33 Thanks!! :D

yououttawarepurple asked:
i love your blog!

Thank you so much! <3

then-shesnapped asked:
you're incredibly inspiring but also seem like a perfectly lovely person. i wish you happiness and success, and that you keep getting to do what you love. xxxx

<3<3<3 Thank you soooo much! This is probably ones of the nicest messages I’ve ever gotten! Hope you have happiness and success too, always! :D <33

youarebeautifuladvice asked:
Hi love! I follow you on my personal blog and am IN LOVE with your blog. Could I ask you a shameful favour? This is my advice blog and I'd really appreciate it if you helped promote us. Not for the follower count or anything like that, but simply to help people. We are a completely judge-free advice blog, and we just want to help those who are hurt. Thank you so much for reading this & thank you even more if you decide to promote us. <33

I’ll post this :) Hope it helps! <3

jizzetvisage-deactivated2013061 asked:
"I love you. You are a wonderful, loved person." Pass it on to the first ten people on your dash.


celineklein asked:
OK. So, I'm just going to put it out there; this is literally one of the best blogs I've seen. Truly amazing, & not just saying that in hope to get a follow or something, really mean it. You've done a great job :) I'm new to tumblr so I've been browsing quite a few fashion based blogs to try and follow and this is really one of the best i've seen!

Aw man! Thank you so, SO much!!! You’re so kind <3 I really appreciate it! :D

flower-bychanel asked:
Your blog is really cute. :)

Thanks! :D

trustnonigga-fearnobitch asked:
=D You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. Please don’t take my sunshine away. Send this to ten blogs you love and will always follow. ♥

Aw <3 thank you so much! :D

unfately asked:
This is the hug of love! Go to everyone in your tumblr crushes and give them this hug to let them know that they’re loved! ♥ (:

Thank yo so much!!! <3 I really appreciate it! :D

style-sophist asked:
You've been my Tumblr crush since the day I followed you :)

Aw thank you so much, that makes me so happy to hear :D And you’re actually in my tumblr crushes too! :D <3

olah-paris asked:
Heyy! Please post a picture of yourself!! :)

I’d rather not, this blog isn’t really about me


chloe-cakes-deactivated20140117 asked:
oh i love your blog! i followed! <3

Thanks!! Really appreciate it! :D

tarheelprep asked:
I'm so glad that you follow me (: Your blog is great!

Aw you’re so kind! <3 You and your blog are great too!! :D