- Check out my blog?

I get so many of requests for this, and I don’t always have time to check out every blog, but I try. I never reply to these messages because if I do it privately I lose the link, and If I publish them I worry about spamming my followers (plus I just get sent even more of them).

- How many followers do you have?

For The Love Of Pretty followers

- Follow back?

I’m so sorry, but I don’t follow back because someone asks. I only follow blogs I would reblog from, or just really like.

- Promo?

I don’t do promos on request.

The only time I will ever do a promo is if I love a blog so much that I have to let everyone know. 

- Where do you find the pictures you post?

On different fashion blogs that I read :)

- What are your favorite tumblrs?

I don’t like to leave people out, I love all the blogs I’m following. Just check who I reblog if you want to find new blogs to follow :)